Book Review: Schindler & Neutra

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"R.M. Schindler: Architect, 1887-1953" "Nature Near: Late Essays of Richard Neutra" [supsystic-gallery id=8] Published An unusual double book review written for Architectural Record discusses the careers of the Los Angeles…

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Book Review: Carlos Scarpa

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"Carlos Scarpa: Architecture in Details" [supsystic-gallery id=13] Published A review of a magnificent tome about maestro Scarpa's work, and God is indeed in the details.  The authors, former employees of…

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Book Review: George Ranalli

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George Ranalli:Buildings and Projects [supsystic-gallery id='9'] Published This was a book review I wrote about a newly-published monograph of the New York architect's work.  I praised the originality and sculptural…

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Venturi, Scott Brown House

"At Home" [supsystic-gallery id=6] Published I was credited in this article with work I did in the home of architects Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown in Philadelphia.  First, Bob…

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Life Magazine: "Woodstock:  Where Are They Now?" [supsystic-gallery id=5] Published Life Magazine put out a call for entries from people who had attended the Woodstock Festival.  Wanting to get something…

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HVAC Systems

"HVAC Systems: Accommodating Systems" [supsystic-gallery id=14] Published This was a brief technical blurb for Architecture magazine's "Neat File" page about running HVAC ductwork through a deep beam, a not uncommon…

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Book Review: New York Architecture

"New York Architecture 1970-1990" [supsystic-gallery id=7] Published This was a review I wrote for Architecture magazine about a newly-released coffee table book about New York City architecture and design. The…

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