Book Review: Schindler & Neutra

Schindler Neutra

“R.M. Schindler: Architect, 1887-1953” “Nature Near: Late Essays of Richard Neutra” Published An unusual double book review written for Architectural Record discusses the careers of the Los Angeles pair of emigree architectects who came to the US seeking the wisdom of the enigmatic Frank Lloyd Wright after studying with Adolf Loos in Vienna. View / […]

Book Review: Carlos Scarpa


“Carlos Scarpa: Architecture in Details” Published A review of a magnificent tome about maestro Scarpa’s work, and God is indeed in the details.  The authors, former employees of the Scarpa workshop clearly delineate his process and method of developing original detail work for a given project. View / Download PDF Articles

Book Review: George Ranalli


George Ranalli:Buildings and Projects Published This was a book review I wrote about a newly-published monograph of the New York architect’s work.  I praised the originality and sculptural elements of his designs.  View / Download PDF

Venturi, Scott Brown House


“At Home” Published I was credited in this article with work I did in the home of architects Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown in Philadelphia.  First, Bob tested and mixed his own paint colors.  Next, he sketched shapes directly on oaktag. I cut the stencils, shellacked them, laid out the pattern he wanted on […]



Life Magazine: “Woodstock:  Where Are They Now?” Published Life Magazine put out a call for entries from people who had attended the Woodstock Festival.  Wanting to get something published, I wrote down a bunch of memories from my experiences as a 12-year old and mailed them in.  After many weeks, I received a letter saying […]

HVAC Systems

“HVAC Systems: Accommodating Systems” Published This was a brief technical blurb for Architecture magazine’s “Neat File” page about running HVAC ductwork through a deep beam, a not uncommon practice in large steel-frame buildings. View / Download PDF

Book Review: New York Architecture

New York

“New York Architecture 1970-1990” Published This was a review I wrote for Architecture magazine about a newly-released coffee table book about New York City architecture and design. The book was not well-conceived, but it does contain some excellent essays about the contemporary status about the city.   View / Download PDF